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If your car is aging but you want to keep it on the road, passing smog checks is an important part of compliance. Many drivers worry that older vehicles struggle more with emissions testing. With the right guidance from AB Smog Check, you don’t need to lose hope. As one of the most experienced smog stations in the area, we offer many tips to boost your chances of a successful inspection.

Tips to Help Your Older Vehicle Pass Smog

Consistent Maintenance

Consistent maintenance is crucial for any vehicle, but especially for aging engines. Following our recommended schedule is key, as changes become more frequent with higher mileage. Proper fluid levels and filter replacements are essential for your engine’s health.

Pre-Inspection Services

Before the official test date, schedule a pre-inspection with us. Our expert ASE-certified technicians will perform a thorough evaluation, catch any potential issues, and recommend targeted fixes to help your car pass on the first try. Addressing problems proactively saves on retest fees down the road.

Preparation on Test Day

On test day, start your car and let all systems fully warm up before departure. A hot engine performs at its emission-regulated best. We also recommend driving your car for 10-15 minutes beforehand to ensure optimal function.

Check Tire Pressure and Use Fuel Additives

Check your tires too—underinflation strains older engines unnecessarily. Short-term fuel additives can help clear deposits that worsen with time. Every step gives clean operation a better chance.

Handling Failures

Even if a failure does occur, trust AB Smog Check to identify the issue and repair it cost-effectively. As an authorized repair center, we get your car road-legal as quickly as possible so you can keep driving with confidence.

With our help, quality inspections, and repairs, your beloved older vehicle can remain in your life for years to come.